Our security experts utilize their knowledge to secure Windows OS.

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Have a device that runs on linux? Our security experts are fluent in this operating system, and can reinforce systems and remove malicious hardware.

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Our experts can secure iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and other devices that run on MacOS or iOS

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About Us

Operation Cyber Blanket is a free, community assistance program designed to strengthen citizens’ defenses against digital adversaries both foreign and domestic. Our volunteers serve populations most at risk and least likely to have access to information security specialists.

The goal of Operation Cyber Blanket is to assist community members with cyber security; commonly a costly yet necessary defense against potential threats. OCB strives to target individuals who need this protection most. Operation Cyber Blanket’s team of industry-trained volunteer security experts can offer the security you need on your computer for nothing but your time.



Your Security is Our Priority

Our security experts both strengthen and protect your computer during a confidential one-on-one meeting. Our goal is to secure your device from threats such as viruses or other malicious files.