Our Approach

We implement a unique and effective layout to our device securing sessions. Our experts will spend one hour securing your device - enough time to provide or improve basic security to your device, without taking up a large portion of your day.

Our Story

The beginning of Operation Cyber Blanket formed in the Fall of 2017 with the development of an idea that would improve the community both virtually and socially. A group of high schoolers meticulously amassed a plethora of knowledge on the subject and created methodical checklists to run through during sessions. It is through their perseverance and work that OCB was able to flourish into more than just an idea. Read more about us on Fox News' article about Operation Cyber Blanket.

Meet our Security Experts

Our team of industry-trained security experts, backed by extensive checklists, run through a complex system of steps to secure your device as best they can - and, in the process, ensure your continued safety on the internet.

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Steve Carleton


Mattysen Short

Vice President, Social Media Manager, Windows Expert

Josh Dalton

Cisco Expert

Aiden Myhre


Caleb Degen

Windows Professional


Garrett Sneed

Project Founder

Thomas Wittich

Treasurer, Windows Expert

Crozman Bentley

Linux and Cisco Professional

Merrick Reynolds

Linux Expert

Sarah Kopp

Windows Professional

Aiden Ingenthron

Project President, Head Designer, Web Developer, Linux Professional

Dean Wittich


Coby Pena

Linux and Cisco Professional

Cole Moses

Windows Professional

Jake Moses

Windows Expert

Strengthening Your Device, Our Pleasure.

Our security experts both strengthen and protect your computer during a confidential one-on-one meeting. Our goal is to secure your device from threats such as malware, viruses, port scanners, or other malicious files.