Questions? Please check here before emailing us.

Will you have access to all files on my device?

We will have access to everything on your device, but we will have no need to look in most private folders or files (such as videos, pictures, i.e.) However, if we need to take a look in any of these type folders, our experts will ask you first. Additionally, there is a non-disclosure agreement that every volunteer signs before being able to work with clients - this entails that we are not allowed to share anything we find with anyone other than you - and this information won't be recorded anywhere except with the single paper copy that leaves with you, the client.

What exactly will you be doing to my device?

Our sole goal is to reinforce the security of your device - there is legal assurance that our security experts won't install monitoring software or any form of malware on your device. In your session with an OCB member, your device will be searched for viruses and other malicious files. A firewall will be set up, along with improvements to lower your device's exposure to external (and potentially malicious) devices and files. You, along with the OCB expert, will develop stronger passwords to reduce the chance of them being guessed or cracked.

How much will a device-strengthening session cost?

Operation Cyber Blanket is a completely free service.

How long will a session with an OCB expert be?

In most cases, a device-strengthening session will be an hour. Designated overflow time of a half hour is planned, however, it should not be necessary.

What operating systems (OS) or devices do you service?

Please visit our Services page to learn more about the different devicesĀ