Operating Systems

The three main operating systems for computers are Linux (most commonly Ubuntu), Windows( includes, XP, Vista, 7, Professional, 8, and 10), and Mac OS (includes iOS). Operation Cyber Blanket is proficient in each OS, and can secure them efficiently.


OCB will secure laptops, desktops (PCs, towers), Macs, Android phones or tablets, and iPhones  or iPads. If you have any questions pertaining to the type of device you are planning on bringing, please contact us.


A session with a security expert will both secure your device against intruders and remove any malware already on the machine. OCB's experts will help you make new, secure passwords, set up your firewall, make backups, and they will identify, and then remove, malware or potentially malicious files.


Your security problems are in the past

Operation Cyber Blanket's goal is to better strengthen the community both electronically and economically. Our detailed checklists and vast knowledge on cyber security gives us the upper hand when searching for malware, viruses, or other malicious files.

Improving the community

OCB strives to provide to those who may not be able to afford good cyber security, or ones who are unaware of the need for cyber security. Providing people with cyber security means that they will be safe from cyber attacks. With the growth of technology, it is crucial to be secure online - OCB can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your device is secure.


Your Device Safety is Our Responsibility

Our security experts both strengthen and protect your device during a confidential one-on-one meeting. Our goal is to secure your device from threats - either viruses or malicious files.